Spelling those sight words in English is a challenge for us all, but it’s a particular challenge for our low-level literacy students.  This is a technique I  learned from a Special Education teacher.   It really works!

1.  Sound:  I say the word aloud and students repeat it.  We do this several times. I ask:  How many syllables does the word have?

2.  Print:  I write the word in large letters on the board as each student writes the word in large letters on a blank page.

3.  Kinesthetics:  I trace the shape of each letter in the word with my index finger as I say its name.  Students repeat with me.  Then they do this on their own.  Sometime they “sky-write” using their whole arm to trace the letters in the air.

4.  Spelling:  Students close their eyes and look at the word in their mind’s eye.  I ask visualization questions like,

  • How many letters does the word have? 
  • What is the first letter?
  • What is the last letter? 
  • How many vowels does the letter have? 

5.  Writing:  Students open their eyes, flip over the page and write the word on their own.

What do YOU do to help students spell sight words?