A Multilevel Dictation for Low and Intermediate Levels created by John Antonellis.

  1. The teacher dictates key words one at a time.  Students write the words and then check their work.
  2. The teacher dictates sentences with the key words.  Students orally repeat the sentences and write the number of words they hear.
  3. Students write the sentence referring to the key word list as needed.


This handout has been adpated to fit blog formatting.


Part 1:  Listen and write the word you hear.


1. _____________       5. ______________   


2. _____________       6. _____________ 


3. _____________       7. _____________ 


4. _____________       8. _______________


Part 2:  Listen and write the sentences you hear.


How many words?


1.  ______________________________________________


How many words?


2.  ______________________________________________


How many words?


3.  _____________________________________________


How many words?


4.  ______________________________________________


How many words?


5.  _____________________________________________



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