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These are questions to consider as you plan your class for the next academic year. Any of these questions would serve as an interesting staff development conversation.

Setting Goals

·          What are my students’ goals in coming to English class?

·          How do I find out about their goals?

·          How do I model goal setting in class?


Charting Progress

·          How do my students know they are making progress?  What feedback do I give them?  (notes, tests, stars?)

·          What opportunities do I give students to assess their own learning? (checklists, logs, brief reflections on what been studied, self-testing, self-recording?)


Developing Organization Skills

·          How do I help my students develop better organizational skills?  Do I check their notebooks?  Do I talk about where papers should be stored?  Do we decide which papers are most important and where to place them?

·          Do I have class systems for when students papers? (folders, bins, labels)

·          Do I have a class system for returning papers to students?   


Developing Strong Study Habits

·          · Do I model in class how to do homework assignments?

·           What systems do my students use to record homework assignments?

·           What materials do my students use to study outside of class?

·          What do I know about my students’ study time outside of class?  How often do they study? Where? With whom? 


Developing Study Skills

·          Which learning and memorizing strategies do I teach in class? 

·          How often does the class review material?   What review routines do I model in class?  (recalling material, using flashcards, writing questions?)

·          Do my students understand they best learn? Do they undertsnad the different ways people can learn? ( visual, kinesthetic, auditory, and/or aural learning)


Self-correction Routines

·          Do I model in class how to use an answer key responsibly?

·          In class do students practice reading their written work aloud in order to hear for small errors or missing words?

·          Do students know how to record and playback their voices on their phones?  Do they use this device to practice pronunciation?


Independent Study Resources

·          Do my students know about public libraries? Do they all have library cards?

·          Do my students have access to the Internet (computers or smart phones)? Do they have email accounts? Do they study English materials online?

·          Do I talk to students about parts of their textbook they can study on their own?

·   Do I talk to students about independent learning resources at our school (a lending library? a computer lab?) Do students understand which materials are best for independent study?